About Web Radio Monitor.

Web Radio Monitor 2017

Webradio and other online audio providers are again experiencing significant growth in usage and advertising sales in 2017. For advertisers, agencies and listeners, the web radio and online audio advertising environments are becoming more and more relevant.

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Web Radio Monitor 2016

Web Radio Monitor 2016 to be presented by BLM, BVDW and VPRT at the dmexco 2016 – internet radio and online audio advertising set for further expansion. Some key facts of the report:

  • Internet radio and online audio providers in Germany expect 35 percent plus in advertising revenue by 2018
  • Share of mobile advertising due to increase from 31 percent to 46 percent
  • Providers show strong interest in standardised reach measurement
  • Online audio listeners already consume 48 percent of radio and music online
  • 77 percent prefer advertising to fee-based online audio offerings
  • Particularly intensive use of live radio and music streaming

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Study since 2009

The study Web Radio Monitor is a comprehensive market analysis on the topic of internet radio and online audio services in Germany. The annual report gives an overview of providers, content, use and advertising revenues and thus provides online radio and online audio providers, advertisers, media and advertising agencies, and all interested parties with important information. The study contains the following information:

  • Market Overview: number, type and formats of online audio services in Germany
  • Usage: reach figures and usage behavior
  • Advertising: relevance and types of advertising and marketing
  • Forecasts: forecast of the development in Germany

Adressees of Web Radio Monitor

  • Online audio providers: online-only radio stations, live streams of the established FM radio stations, personalized audio services, interactive radio platforms (User Generated Content – UGC), radio aggregators and music streaming services
  • Advertisers who want to learn about online audio services as an advertising medium
  • Media and advertising agencies, which require the performance index for market relevance
  • Online audio users who look for offers and information

Database and editors of Web Radio Monitor

The study is based on primary data collected from a survey of all online audio providers in Germany. Since 2016 the study also contains a user surfey. Web Radio Monitor was published for the first time in 2009.

The consultation and research group Goldmedia conducts the regularly published study on behalf of the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM), the focus group “Audio” of the Federal Association of Digital Businesses (BVDW) and the Association of Private Broadcasting and Telemedia (VPRT) in Germany.